Quantum Fusion Series Bearings Kit

The most technologically advanced skate bearing available.. With the entire metal surfaces coated using our Diamond Matrix (DMx) technology, this hard as diamond coating will significantly reduce wear and corrosion build-up so you can keep cruising with speed for longer. Designed for transition, park skating, downhill, cruising - the Fusion series bearings are guaranteed to keep you out of the slow lane.

Tech Features:

  • Ceramic Hybrid-Hybrid Bearing featuring Diamond Matrix (DMx) coating technology

  • GraphFlo Surface correction coating that is coefficient of friction (CoF) matched to DMx

  • Doped Si3N4 ceramic rollers

  • Carbon nano-fiber reinforced retainer/cage

  • MicroRing Shields


  • Insanely fast – uses materials with the lowest coefficient of friction on the planet

  • Extreme durability – Ridiculously hard coating that has the highest level of abrasion and corrosion resistance compared to any metal or metal hybrid bearing on the market. Doped ceramic rollers provide more impact resistance flexibility so one can move from transition to the streets with speed

  • Ultra-low maintenance – the lubrication mechanism is designed into the coating

Each Fusion Series Bearing Kit Includes:

  • 8 x Fusion Series bearings with DMx(TM) and GraphFlo(TM) technology

  • 8 x Fusion Series bearing shields with micro-ring for easy addition of lube while bearing is in wheel (installed)

  • 8 x speed washers

  • 3 stickers

    Designed, coated, 100% tested, and packaged in our lab