1x Deck

1x Set of Two Trucks

1x Set of Wheels

1x Pack of Bearings

1x Sheet of Griptape

1x Pack of Hardware


Dime Dime Chat T-Shirt Black $ 25.00 $ 43.00
Last Resort AB Last Resort AB Wall Tee Black $ 34.00
Hockey Hockey Blockman Tee Red $ 36.00
Carpet Company Carpet Company Ant T-Shirt Black $ 40.00
Frog Skateboards Frog Toast T-Shirt Blue $ 30.00
Butter Goods Butter Spinner T-Shirt Slate $ 36.00
Glue Skateboards Glue Longsleeve T-Shirt Black $ 38.00
Frog Skateboards Frog Clown Longsleeve T-Shirt Black $ 45.00
Frog Skateboards Frog Monkey Logo T-Shirt Green $ 30.00
Frog Skateboards Frog Chickens T-Shirt White $ 36.00