Venue Skateboards Gospel Collection

"The first skate video I ever owned had full parts of Maury and Trav in it making them my definition of skateboarding and Bobby Stewart of course, look him up. I couldn't be more honored to make a video today with these dudes in it. Not to mention all of my best friends- This isn't your average shop team."  - Will Rosenstock

Featuring Gilbert Crockett, Caleb McNeely, Ty Beall, Jon Rowe, Daniel Ravenal, Maury Blankinship, Travis Pulley, Erich Bielefeldt, Caleb Ocasio, Will Rosenstock, Josh Swyers, and Jordan Bradshaw.

We are taking pre-orders from 12am. Feb. 1 - 11am Feb. 3rd. All pre-orders will receive a Free copy, of the Gospel Zine featuring photos from Thomas Goldman, Kevin O'dell, Max Mattoon, Pep Kim, and Ty Beall, with some wise words from the team.

5.5 x 8.5, Color and B&W, 50 pages.

*After the pre-order closes zines will be available for $5.

We also printed some decks, and clothing with artwork from Dave English. 

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